For 20 years

Technical assistance

We offer maintenance services and non-stop service: 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year, during warranty and post-warranty.

Our technical staff is periodically trained at the manufacturing companies, ready to deal with whatever situation and interfere whenever is necessary.

We may also ensure for you the designing, transportation, installation and commissioning for the equipment for milling, bakery, pastry, confectionery and training of the staff appointed to operate this equipment.

Accomplished projects

Among the years we cooperated with more than 1.000 companies from milling, bakery, pastry, confectionery sectors.

The projects accomplished fulfilled us with experience and brought us the trust of our partners.

We present here just a small part of these completed projects.

Check the accomplished projects
Nova Pan team

We are a team of professionals passionate about what they do, but rather consider us a sophisticated gear which functions efficiently for you.

It’s like pushing on a button. Once activated, we immediately start moving for you with maximum performance.


Marius Costea

Sales Manager

0740 311 330

Ionuţ Panait

Technical Manager

0744 756 550

Liviu Poteras

Head Assembly

0742 161 919

Cristian Bolgiu

Service Responsible

0747 066 262

Gabriel Aelenei

Service Responsible

0747 066 262