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All versions of Gerosa’s conical rounders have been carefully designed to guarantee perfect results on a wide variety of bread rolls also for soft dough, without altering the texture of the dough or distorting the final shape.

All our conical rounders are equipped with teflon-coated aluminium channels, adjustable flour duster, non-toxic nickel or teflon-coated cones.

Our production includes the T1 and T2 versions which can be used in conjunction with the Long-loaf Moulder TS or the “Gemini” double-cone Rounder. The “Gemini” doublecone Rounder has the same characteristics of a single cone machine (even the overall dimensions), but its productivity is doubled because the process does not require any further manual handling.

A special arrangement of the two conveyor belts causes the seal of dough to face down when entering in the second cone. Like the rest of the Gerosa manufactured equipment, they comply with EU directives on safety and hygiene.


T1 pieces from 100/150 to 2000 g approx.

T2 pieces from 300 to 3900 g approx.


Teflon-coated aluminium channels

Adjustable flour duster

Non-toxic nickel or teflon-coated cone

Rounding channels length: 4 mt approx

Dough entry: 830 mm

Dough exit: 890 mm

Mounted on wheels

Installed power:

0,8 kw/ with air blower unit 1,5 kw

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